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Hi, I am Shilpa Lalit

Your artist friend, educator, director

For me, art is not just a passion but a way of life. It brings me joy, purpose, and a sense of connection to the world around me. Through my art, I find solace and meditation, and it has been a constant source of comfort and inspiration throughout the ups and downs of life. To me, art is not just a form of self-expression, but a path to happiness and spiritual fulfillment.

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shilpa lalit

As an artist, I am captivated by the vibrant and diverse world that surrounds us. From the creatures that roam the earth to the emotions that pulse through us, the spirituality that nourishes our souls, and the connections that bind us all, I strive to bring these elements to life in my paintings. Using bright and bold colors, I celebrate the diversity of nature, animals, and the human experience, creating works that burst with energy, joy, and life. My goal is to inspire a sense of wonder, warmth, and liveliness in all those who encounter my work, inviting them to connect with their own hearts, spirits, and emotions, and to see the world through a lens of beauty, vibrancy, and positivity.


I was born on May 15th, 19?? in Nagpur, India to parents who were both employed in the government sector. From a young age, I have had a passion for art and won my first award in painting at the age of four. My mother noticed my talent and made sure to enroll me in art workshops during my vacations. Even when she was busy at work, I would spend my time creating drawings on the walls of our home.
As a kid I was very shy and underconfident. Growing up as a dyslexic child was challenging, especially in my academic and athletic abilities. I felt isolated and lacked confidence, but art provided a solace for me. It was the one outlet where I could express myself and feel validated. Art became my escape and a source of comfort during a difficult childhood years.
As I grew up, I continued to attend art workshops and participate in contests, always pursuing my passion for creativity alongside my education.

My support systems

At the age of 15, I started sharing my love for art by teaching workshops during my high school years. Summer vacations were filled with directing art workshops for kids and women until I graduated from Govt. Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya in 2007 with a degree in fine arts and completed my masters in drawing and painting the following year.

With supportive parents, my dad was my biggest cheerleader and bragged about my art skills to everyone. He even went the extra mile by buying me whatever I needed for my art, no matter the cost. Now, I'm motivated to work hard and make him proud.

In 2009, I married my soulmate. Our parents arranged the meeting and within just 15 minutes of talking, I knew he was the one. Lalit, a software professional, is the reason behind my smile and the most understanding, caring, loving and adorable husband one could ask for. I bring the noise as the extrovert in the relationship, while he balances me out with his calm and gentle demeanor. Lalit has been equally supportive of my art, just like my dad. He loves to see me pour my heart into my craft and supports my creative pursuits. He's proud of my work and a constant source of inspiration and motivation. And now, our family is complete with two beautiful children, Laksh and Vihaana.


  • Full time working artists with my artworks in various collections around the world.
  • Educator and director at Artyshils Art Academy.
  • Founder of art supplies brand Artyshils Art Brushes.
  • Supporter of causes connected to kids and animals through my work and businesses.

I am deeply thankful for the opportunities that my art and art business has given me. Your support has allowed me to create a fulfilling life and I am forever grateful.

Along with creating my own work, I am dedicated to empowering organizations that make a difference in the lives of children in need and animals in need of shelter. I have personally worked with these organizations and I trust them wholeheartedly. If you would like to join me in supporting their efforts, you can make a donation by clicking the button. Every little contribution makes a huge impact and can change the lives of those less fortunate. Let's make a difference together.


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