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Artyshils Art

“ Ganesha around cosmic energy “ Original Art

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    In the vast expanse of the universe, where stars twinkle like cosmic jewels and planets dance in celestial harmony, there resides a divine presence that radiates wisdom, strength, and boundless compassion. Ganesha here embodies the essence of cosmic energy, guiding the cosmos with his gentle yet formidable presence. Like the stars that illuminate the darkness of the night, Ganesha's wisdom illuminates the paths of those who seek guidance and enlightenment. With his elephant head symbolizing unparalleled intelligence and his benevolent demeanor reflecting unconditional love, Ganesha teaches us to overcome obstacles, embrace change, and forge ahead on our cosmic journey with courage and grace.

    Original Art

    Oil Paints and Mixed Media on Gallery wrapped canvas 

    11” / 14” / 1.5"

    Varnished / Ready to hang / display 

    Ships within 1 week of purchase


    Processing time :- 3 to 4 Business days.
    Delivery time :- 5 to 10 days depending on the product location.

    “ Ganesha around cosmic energy “  Original Art