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Artyshils Art

“ Guided by the wisdom of the universe “ Original Art

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    Guided by the wisdom of the universe, the owl emerges as a profound symbol, leading the way for the girl on her journey.
    Revered across cultures for its association with wisdom and foresight, the owl embodies the enigmatic depths of knowledge and intuition. Its nocturnal nature speaks of seeing beyond the veil of darkness, shedding light on the unseen realms. As the girl follows the owl's gentle guidance, she taps into the ancient wisdom of the cosmos, navigating life's twists and turns with clarity and grace. Through the owl's symbolism, she learns to trust her inner knowing and embrace the mysteries of existence, finding solace in the universal truths that transcend time and space. 

    Original Art

    Oil Paints and Mixed Media on stretched canvas 

    12” / 12” 

    Varnished / Ready to hang / display 

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    “ Guided by the wisdom of the universe “ Original Art