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Artyshils Art

ORIGINAL ART :- " Free and Happy "

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    The water surrounds her like a soft embrace, and her worries disappear into the endless blue. The dolphins move gracefully around her, their playful energy infectious. In those moments, she feels truly free, like she is a part of the ocean itself. she forgets about the constraints of daily life and embraces the freedom of the open water. As she glides through the waves, she feels like a free spirit, unrestricted by the limitations of the world. Swimming with her dolphins is a reminder that anything is possible, and that we are all capable of breaking free from the things that hold us back. It is an experience that fills her heart with joy and inspires her to live her life with passion and purpose.  

    Original Art

    Oil Paints and Mixed Media on stretched canvas 

    12” / 12” 

    Ready to hang / display 

    Ships within 1 week of purchase


    Processing time :- 3 to 4 Business days.
    Delivery time :- 5 to 10 days depending on the product location.

    ORIGINAL ART :- " Free and Happy "