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Artyshils Art

" The thread of life " Original Art

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    As I hold you close in my arms, my precious little one, I feel the thread of life weaving our hearts together. Each cuddle, each nuzzle, is a promise of my love and protection. In this vast forest, my warmth will be your sanctuary, my strength your shield. Through every season and challenge, I will guide you, teaching you the secrets of our world and the ways to thrive. In this moment, as you nestle against me, know that my love for you is as vast as the sky and as enduring as the ancient trees around us. The thread of life connects us, my sweet cub, and through this bond, you will always be safe, cherished, and deeply loved.

    Original Art

    Oil Paints and Mixed Media on Gallery wrapped canvas 

    36” / 36” / 1.5"

    Varnished / Ready to hang / display 

    Ships within 1 week of purchase


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    " The thread of life " Original Art